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Acrylic Painting

"Learn the art of creating lifelike masterpieces with my realistic acrylic painting lessons"

Hi, I am Debojyoti Boruah, and I am a freelance Artist. I have been painting since my childhood but exclusively with Acrylics for the last 15 years. Initially, I struggled with acrylics because of their fast-drying nature. But now this has become my strength. In these years, I have developed a style with which you can paint any subject with ease using simply water as a medium. In my online lessons, I will be sharing my personal experience and knowledge, which I gathered from many trial and error so that you won't need to repeat the same mistakes.

What You'll Learn

  • Learn how to choose suitable surfaces, colors, brushes, and tools for acrylic painting.
  • Learn the basics to advance blending with acrylic without worrying about the faster drying time.
  • Simplifying color mixing and application with limited color palette.
  • Learn effective brush stroke techniques to achieve textured oil-like finishing with acrylic.
  • Understanding layering with acrylic to achieve a full range of values from a monochrome underpainting.
  • Paint any subject of your choice using the technique provided in the lesson.



He is the very supportive, encouraging, and helpful instructor I have ever seen. His detailed, step-by-step explained lessons are really really helped me to learn many new things and I would recommend his sessions to beginners who really desire to explore acrylic painting, he would be the best master. Thank you so much for your patience and kindness throughout the class. Wish you see you again sir.

Vanishree Rajesh, Artist

This is a great course for anyone who is serious about improving their painting. With personal experience I have gained a much stronger understanding of colour palettes, techniques with specific brushes, layering and tone & i really feel comfortable & equipped to produce a higher standard of work.
I highly recommend exploring this course as you will definitely learn something new & see benefits in your work.

Gitali Phukan, Artist

I had no prior experience in acrylic art. But Debojyoti Sir's encouraging approach and step-by-step guidance made me feel excited to try my hand at acrylic painting.  From learning basic color theory to exploring different techniques, every session was thought-provoking and engaging. I felt challenged in a good way. As a result, my confidence in my artistic abilities has grown tremendously, and I've discovered a newfound love for acrylic painting.  Overall, taking the art class has been an enriching and satisfying experience for me. I feel like I have gained a valuable skill that I can use for self-expression and creative pursuits.

Nandita Baruah, Artist

Debojyoti Boruah is a fantastic artist and an even better person. Usually, artist don't share their secrets with others, but during the start of my journey in acrylic painting, it was just videos which guided me to where I am today. He has also been gracious enough to share his tips with me on how to improve my skills. His tutorials on acrylic painting are a great guide for beginners and I wish him all the best and thank him from core of my heart for always being there whenever I needed him.

Arpita Pramanik, Artist

I absolutely love Debojyoti’s work. He does both acrylic and charcoal paintings. He is an expert in portrait paintings. His portrait paintings are so amazing that it’s difficult to tell whether it’s a painting or a real person’s face. He minutely paints each and every detail which makes his paintings more realistic. His unique brush strokes and his style of painting are breathtaking. I am the owner of three beautiful paintings painted by him. He is also my art mentor and with the support of his precious advice I have improved a lot and I have seen a drastic change in my reading and observing a painting. He has perfect knowledge of the values, color gradients, etc. He is always ready to help and very knowledgeable. According to me, he is one of the most promising artists in India.

Bharti Jain, Artist

I have known Sir Debojyoti for over a year. I had the pleasure of being taught by a patient and sincere teacher. Love his paintings which are vibrant and colorful. He is very very versatile self taught gentleman who can paint on any subject.

Meera Natarajan, Artist

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